yes, we still exist.

To say I underestimated how busy I would be during this deployment is an understatement. Yeah. I feel like I am still catching my breath from the holiday season and it’s already Spring Break. I am still allowed to use that term, since I’m still a student.


Things of note:

– Grady is growing like a weed. He is talking non-stop, working on potty learning, takes a weekly gymnastics class, and is loving his time spent at school. Such a big boy!

– I graduate in May! You didn’t see it, but I totally just did a cartwheel and a toe touch.

– The brewery is keeping us hopping (beer geeks may chuckle at that)!

– A new photography season is looming on the horizon. While I am excited about seeing my clients again, I am a little nervous.

– I will be writing a bi-weekly article for the Hope Star Journal. SO, if you want to know what it’s all about, pick up a copy. If I find some time, I may write about my little article subjects here on the blog. I could always copy and paste, but that takes work :)

– The deployment is passing… I can’t say quickly. I can’t say slowly. Time seems to be flying but the deployment seems to be dragging. I realize this is an impossibility, since the two are quite closely connected to one another, but there you have it.

– Abe is doing well, though is he ready to come home. We’re ready to receive him!


There you have it! A quick update without any pictures. I am so lame. Feel free to agree!


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