instagram photo dump

Each week Every once in a blue moon, I will unload a few of my favorites I have uploaded to my Instagram feed so that you may have a peek into our life. Sorry I didn’t number the images this week. Numbers 1-4 are the top row, 5-8 and 9-12 in the middle and 13-16in the bottom row.


1) we got growlers! 2) surprise – we got our small brewer’s permit! 3) HUGE SURPRISE – we got to visit Abram before he shipped out to Kuwait!!! 4) I made a really delicious pumpkin beer 5) Grady, (my pal) Jackie and I hit up the orchard 6) Grady was not feeling well 7) we picked some pumpkins 8) we carved some pumpkins 9) Grady makes an adorable dinosaur 10) mama likes to snuggle her baby dino 11) Nutella is delicious/hilarious 12) mama adds to her Christmas list 13) Grady + mama had a delicious, and wet, lunch date 14) Grady got a robe 15) mama does market research 16) Grady is a handsome devil


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