a month gone by

Or, I should say, flown by.

Holy cow. Where did October go? Give me a big fat fail for my blogging grade. I absolutely did not have a moment of free time to blog. From the time of my last post (exactly one month ago), I had NINETEEN sessions, including a wedding, knocked out another month of my 12-credit-hour school schedule and managed to survive another month of the deployment.

This deployment is passing surprisingly quickly. Wow. Thank goodness. It has been a little bit stressful but, honestly, I haven’t had much time to think about how much it sucks ;) Grady and I are able to “hangout” with Abe on Google+ Hangouts. We’ve found that the connectivity blows Skype out of the water. It takes a bit of getting used to, to navigate to the actual “hangout” itself, but it is worth it. We have not once had dropped service since switching, which is much better than the 3-4 interruptions we were experiencing with Skype. It is really wonderful to be able to chat with Abe so often though Grady still has some difficulty with saying goodbye to daddy at the end of our calls.

I really am hoping to jump back into posting here as the holidays rapidly approach. I’ll have more free time once this semester is over (in one month, one week and one day – not that I’m counting or anything). I am taking a self-imposed photography hiatus until this-coming Spring. I am so thankful that I stay so busy with my little business but at the same time, it has been quite overwhelming this Fall and I am feeling the need to be obligation free for a little while. Destress. Unwind.

More to come!


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