sewing off some steam.

I’m pretty sure you’re all aware by now that I am not fond of the idea of Abram being gone for nine more months. Nine. More. Months. That is super lame. Over the course of the past two months while Abe has been training and preparing for this deployment, I allowed myself to wallow in a deep pit of self-pity.


Then I realized that it was time to grow up and face the fact that we are a family that is incredibly blessed. We have a strong, happy marriage. We have a beautiful, healthy son. We have the most supportive family in the history of time. What’s a little time apart? Of course it stinks but we’ll get through it!


I decided to channel my irritation with our current situation into something positive. While reading through my blog roll, Jill over at Tatertots & Jello mentioned a program where you could receive a free quilt kit in the mail to sew up a quick and simple quilt for a sick child. This piqued my interest and I did a little bit of searching and eventually happened upon Quilts for Kids. I immediately ordered a quilt kit. It was time to sew off some steam!


After receiving my quilt kit, chaos became a way of life and there is sat for about a month. Sad. Every day, I would see the cute fabric sitting there, just waiting to be stitched together, my guilt building and building. One day, when I was feeling particularly low and Grady was finally down for a nap, I decided to jump in and get the sewing machine up and whirring once again.


This was the easiest quilt ever. All of the pieces were already trimmed to size. Instructions for piecing the quilt were included. This was smooth, easy sewing at its finest – and all for a great cause! So, if you are even a little handy with a sewing machine and would like to send some warmth and comfort to a sick child, you should definitely sign up to receive one of these quilt kits. It felt good to send a little bit of love out in the mail today. I hope the child who receives this quilt will be on the mend soon and will live to be as healthy and happy as the little guy Abe and I are so blessed to call our own.


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