instagram photo dump

Guess what? Life isn’t any less crazy a month into the beginning of the new school semester. Who is shocked? I probably should be less so ;) ha. At least I can laugh at myself and all the crazy. Sure, I’d love to have more time to, well, breathe but we’re making do for now. I am most certainly ready for Fall break, though! Heck, I’ll be honest. I’m ready for Winter break. Bring on the finals and projects!


Anyhow, each week I will unload a few of my favorite pictures I have shared on my Instagram feed so that you may have a peek into our life. Sorry I didn’t number the images this week. Numbers 1-3 are the top row, 4-6 in the middle, 7-9 in the bottom.



1) cali roll 2) pumpkin! 3) awesome HBC shirts 4) mama’s got some sassy red hair (again!) 5) mmmm s’mores 6) bebe kisses are the best 7) not so sure about his new bed 8) splashin’ sans shoes 9) the new bed isn’t so bad after all




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