Grady boy.


This boy. He has my heart. Every day he provides me with a new challenge, a new viewpoint, a new outlook. He is so very curious and so very observant. Simply walking from the house to the garage is not an option with him. It turns into a five-minute-long journey filled with bug observation, hopping, jumping, running, splashing (if there are puddles present), and many pleads from mama to focus on the task at hand.


His sweet smile helps me to forget my own hurting heart. We’re missing daddy pretty badly ’round these parts.

He still asks for daddy every day. I’m so happy that he is thinking about him! If I’m being completely honest, I fear that Grady might forget daddy a little bit. I am very concerned over how their close bond will be impacted by nearly a year apart. Grady worships the ground his daddy walks on and I am doing what I can during their time apart to ensure their bond continues to strengthen, despite the miles apart.

Sometimes, I feel like I am already raising a teenager – as this image illustrates. He can be quite ornery. Thankfully, the cuteness and the sweet moments override most of the contentious moments in our relationship.

For this session, I packed along one of Abe’s old toys. Grady is obsessed with this car! It’s just another tie that binds the two together while they cannot be together physically.

All things considered, I feel like we are adjusting well to our new normal. I sometimes wonder if Grady’s more emotional/challenging moments might stem from Abe’s time away from us, then I realize that I am raising a toddler. We will have our difficult moments through our parent-child relationship. I am just thankful that we have one another while we go through this deployment. He is my sweet little buddy. He warms my heart and makes my days bright!


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