let’s start counting down.

Today was the big day. It was the last day we got to see our Abram for many, many months.


To see that typed out is so, so difficult.


This morning, we attended a departure ceremony for Abram and the others deploying alongside him. It seemed much more emotionally charged than the ceremony for the first deployment. The entire time, I looked around at the other families. This unit is packed with families with children ranging from newborns to adults. To see so many families moved to tears, clinging to their mommies or daddies, not wanting to let go… it was rough.


Looking at my husband and our little son – that was the hardest.


Grady didn’t seem too affected by the ceremony or even our final goodbyes. I feel like my little buddy is a little confused but is otherwise cheerful. I know in the coming weeks and days he will wonder where daddy is and we’ll be endlessly discussing the fact that “daddy is at work” and that we won’t be able to see him for a while. We already look at pictures all the time and I love that he gets so excited to see one of daddy. I wish so badly that he had more of a concept of time so that we could eagerly count down the weeks and months with joy and anticipation together. I’ll have to get creative and figure out a way in which to show him that daddy will be home before we know it.


I’m trying my hardest to hold it together in front of him most of the time because I don’t want him to see mommy be too sad. Of course, we will be talking about daddy all the time and I know he is going to has already seen me cry. Several times, let’s not kid ourselves. I’m okay with that. I want him to know and to believe that it’s okay to be sad sometimes. We both miss Abram and we’ll both have our tough days, just as I’m sure Abram will have his tough days. As a military family, we are not immune to the hurt that comes along with separation. It is not something you ever grow used to feeling.


In an effort to prevent this post from being too much of a downer (hey, I told you I was going to be honest, didn’t I?), I have some positive news to share! Abram was promoted to Sergeant First Class on Saturday, August 25th. Grady, Sandy (Abe’s mom), Rob (Abe’s step-dad) and I were able to attend the ceremony. Grady and I were able to “pin” Abram with his new rank when he was promoted. It was a great moment. We are so very proud of Abram and what a phenomenal, hardworking man he is. It is fantastic to see him receive recognition for all that he gives to the military.



To my amazing husband – we are so incredibly proud of you. We miss you. We love you. You are very much the heart of our family and we are thinking of you always while we are apart. I know you have mixed emotions about this deployment, but please know that you are not letting us down in any way. Come home soon, love.


5 thoughts on “let’s start counting down.

  1. Michael just returned home from his second to Iraq awhile back but is still on medical orders in Iowa before he is released. You know that I know how all this works and feels first hand, especially having children to comfort. Let me know if you ever want to talk or get together (our army wives group was the best for the first deployment) ! Best of luck to all of you and we will have the whole family in our prayers!
    Rachael Burton

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