my mind is blown.

So. This may come across as a strange post. After all, this is simply a picture of a very adorable child asleep on a couch. What you don’t know, readers (whoever you are!), is that this child has never ever ever ever, in all the history of his being a toddler, fallen asleep on his own on the couch.

Sleep. Sleep has been a nightmare for us for a long, long time. Pretty much since Grady hit the dreaded “four-month wakeful” approximately twenty months ago, sleep has been nothing but challenging for us. Grady has always been incredibly dependent upon mama for comfort, for safety, for sleep. Grady nursed until he was twenty months old (how’s that for honesty?) and until he weaned, he nursed to sleep every night. Man, were those the days. It was so easy. On the downside, he would wake up several times during the night for that comfort. Yikes.

These days, bedtime is challenging in a different sort of way. The child is difficult to wind down. Grady goes nonstop. I assume the same is true of most toddlers. The difference between those other toddlers and my own? Grady does not simply “crash” at the end of a long day. He needs a half hour of snuggling, fifty thousand bedtime books, twenty minutes of playing with his “frucks” on the pillows, etc. Sometimes he must lie across my chest like some type of boa constrictor, stifling my ability to breathe in a normal fashion, but hey if the kid falls asleep, who cares if I am incapable of drawing an adequate breath? Finally, his breathing slows and he drifts quietly off to sleep. Heaven forbid anyone open a squeaky-hinged door or touch a toe to a hardwood floor until approximately thirty minutes after he has fallen asleep because the process will start all over again. And none of this takes place, typically, until after 9 PM. Goodness gracious.

All this to say, this night is something crazy for me. Crazy and thrilling. And a little scary. You know, because I’ll have to eventually cart the child off to bed which may disrupt his sweet slumber.


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