G’s blankie

This blanket (awesome tutorial at MADE) has been quite the journey for me. It all started all the way back in, I believe, early December of 2010. Insert face of shock here. Yes, this blanket was intended to be a Christmas gift to Grady on his first Christmas.



Guess I missed that deadline by a year-or-so :)


The texture of the faux-chenille side is so soft and nubby. I may or may not use the blanket more often than Grady at this point. I love to rub my toes on it when I’m feeling sleepy. Anyone else rub their feet against the blankets when they’re sleepy? Grady does it too. I’ve taught him well. It also drives Abe bananas, so I’ll consider it a “win” on all fronts! :)

I’m not going to lie to you – all those straight lines were a major pain in the rear end to sew. That is the part that drove me to the brink of insanity took the longest. They are a mere 3/4 of an inch apart from one another, spanning the entire width of the blanket. I thought I would certainly lose my mind if I had to sew one. more. straight. line. Unfortunately, the binding gave me fits as well and I had to rework it in three spots in order to get it right. Sheesh!

It is impossible to complain too terribly much when, in the end, your sweet child loves the blanket you have made just for him. He calls it “G’s blankie” which is beyond precious. I suppose the sewing of the lines, the cutting of each of those faux-chenille strips, the reworking of the binding was all worth it.

Yes. Definitely well worth it.

Though I will say, if in a few years he decides to abandon his blanket, I will gladly snatch it up and claim it as my own!





2 thoughts on “G’s blankie

  1. I had to finally, in a covert manner, steal calebs blankie at the age of 17 and place it in his keepsake box. He did inquire, but didn’t ask for it back (:

    • Awww. I hope G is that hooked on this blankie :) I’m not joking when I say I use it a lot more than he does at this point, though he does love his blankie!

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