conversations with Grady

Every now and again, Grady will be in an especially chatty mood. I love our little conversations. His sweet little voice is capable of weaving quite a descriptive scenario for the listener, despite his inability to string more than five-or-so words together in a sentence.


If something has frightened him while I am in another room, he will come to me saying “Mama! Baby scared!” He says “scared” in the most pathetic little quaver of a voice you’ve ever heard. And yes, my child refers to himself as “Baby”. Perhaps we should address this sooner rather than later.


When Grady tells me of his adventures of a dinosaur he will say in a scary whisper “Raaaawrrrrrr!”, his hands held up at his sides, mimicking those of a T-Rex. He will stomp about, and say “Dinosaur, Mama!” He likes to chase while he is playing dinosaur as well. I suppose I can attribute his knowledge of dinosaurs to the PBS show “Dinosaur Train” but at the same time, it astounds me that my little buddy has such a handle on his imagination already.


While we sit down, drawing together with crayons, Grady will sometimes ask me to draw a family of circles. He will say, “Mama, draw baby circle. Draw mama circle, please. Draw dada circle!” He always has to make sure there is a baby, mama and dada of each shape we happen to be drawing. Today, as we were drawing together, after I had made our happy little family of circles, Grady said “baby circle sad.” I asked him why baby circle would be said and he replied, “dada circle sad too.” I kid you not. I think my little buddy is missing his dada.


This evening, on our way home from a homebrew event in Gnaw Bone, Grady was telling me all about his adventures with his cousin, Cooper. “Play Coopy creek!” “Throw rocks water. Splash!” “Dancing Coopy, Mama!” I asked him if he had a lot of fun playing with Coopy today and he said “Yes, Mama. Baby sleepy, Mama.”


I am very much looking forward to enjoying more conversations as Grady grows over the coming years. I love talking to my sweet boy and hearing his interpretation of events. He may not say that many words or have the most brilliant sentence structure just yet, but my boy certainly has a lot to say.


3 thoughts on “conversations with Grady

  1. Jacquie, I know we really only know each other from our photo session. But, I love reading your blog. The love you have for Grady and your husband ooze out of every word and paragraph. It puts a smile on my face just reading it. Thank you for sharing your blog. It’s beautiful.

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