a quilt

My best friend is having a baby later this year and I am so very excited! I know that this little wee one needs a special gift to think of his aunt. After all, he will be raised in Switzerland and we’re all the way over here in the US.

I want to be able to give that little boy (and his mama, of course) a hug each and every day. What better way to send a hug across the Atlantic than to send along a special little quilt?

I made the quilt by piecing together a bunch of half-square-triangles, piecing them together two rows at a time to create the zigzags (or chevrons, if you’re feeling trendy). I finished off the border of the quilt with 4″ wide cream fabric and bound the quilt with some charcoal binding. I kept the quilting minimal in hopes that the quilt would remain wrappable and snuggle-up-able. Mission accomplished.

I used fabric from the Reunion line by Sweetwater. For the binding I used Kona cotton in Charcoal and for the cream color on the front of the quilt I used, well, Cream by Kona :)

I cannot wait to see the soon-to-be-newest little buddy wrapped up in this quilt while resting on his mama’s lap. Hopefully it will feel just like a hug from his Aunt Jacquie.


10 thoughts on “a quilt

  1. haha. That is so funny we were next to each other! I am LOVING the fabric you used! If I ever get to have another baby I want something like this for the nursery : ) Super cute!!

  2. So loving this quilt! It is funny we ended up next to each other! : ) I totally want something like this for my next baby! I love yellow and grey for a nursery and the backing fabric you used is ADORABLE!

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