party time

Today, we took the afternoon to celebrate our Grady’s second birthday. We also took some time during the party to say “see ya later” to Abe and send along prayers and good wishes as he heads out for training and Kuwait.

It was a fabulous day! The decor was centered around a loose vintage plane theme. I was very pleased with how everything turned out and feel like our guests enjoyed everything as well.

We had directional signs for the guests arriving to the party.

It was a pretty cute set up, if I say so myself.

The guest of honor certainly took the cake, though.

Speaking of cake, ours was adorable and delicious. We ordered our cake and cupcakes at The Mix in Columbus, IN. It is such a fantastic bakery/record store. We highly recommend it.

An aside to any regular party-givers out there. One of my favorite tricks for seamless hosting is to pre-scoop ice cream into small dishes so you aren’t having to dip ice cream during the party. Less mess, less fuss, no time wasted. This time, I scooped the ice cream into small, disposable candy dishes (the blue and white polkadot cups on the left in the photo above) and stuck a little wooden ice cream spoon in each dish. Easy peasy!

Among the other treats (candy, lots of fruit, cookies, cake, cupcakes and ice cream!) were these s’mores pops I whipped up the night before the party. They were a snap – so simple and tasty. I simply skewered the marshmallows with cake pop sticks, melted some Hershey’s milk chocolate in a bowl with a dab of vegetable oil, dipped the marshmallows in the melted chocolate then rolled them in some crushed up graham cracker. Much easier, less messy and cooler temperature-wise, than putting together traditional s’mores. We really enjoyed them.

We had such a wonderful afternoon with our family and friends. I cannot wait until next year when we will be celebrating Grady’s third birthday and Abram’s return to US soil!


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