it’s official

As of 11:11 PM this evening, our son is now two. Two. Years. Old.

How those years passed so quickly, I will never know. I fear this is a trend that will only continue with time…

These days I feel so content with the idea of having our family remain the three of us. Watching Grady and Abe drawing in their notepad on the floor, getting to spend lots of quality time with my little buddy, the ease of things just the way they are – I cannot image it any other way in this moment.

Realizing how G has changed and grown so much in just two years makes my heart feel so full. Knowing that Abe and I are helping to shape Grady into the person he will eventually become is so daunting and such a blessing. He is currently a very curious yet very cautious little boy. He never hesitates to tell us how he is feeling or what he is thinking about and I hope it will always be this way, even through his teen years.

Those teen years feel so close… only in thinking about the future do I ache for the past, and even the present, in such a way that makes me feel sad at his growing up. Otherwise, I just feel so blessed and happy to know this special little boy.

It feels good to share my heart on a blog again. I realize a blog post without a picture is terribly boring, but that’s what you (whoever “you” are, reading this) get tonight. I am going to go watch my newly-turned-two-year-old little boy sleep. These moments are so fleeting.


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