so, this little boy of ours

… he is turning two. In just three days.

I honestly cannot comprehend the fact that two years have passed since we first met him. The changes we have witnessed in him have been so incredible. He was never tiny, weighing 10 pounds 3 ounces at birth, but to watch him grow into this little boy from a newborn has been such an incredible blessing.

Of course, the days are sometimes long. Toddlerhood has presented an entirely new and unfamiliar set of challenges. The defiance. The tantrums. The unfounded independence. All of these things can be quite trying. I just have to remember he is growing into his own person and learning who he wants to become one day.

The wonder, though, of watching him develop into his own personal has been… incredible. That is the only word adequate enough to describe this journey. I can see him learning new things each and every day. He speaks in sentences. Sentences! What a change from the inability to communicate effectively. He tells us what he is intending to draw, because he can now put his ideas on paper. He tells us that he loves us unprompted, which is so sweet. All of this tells me what an independent thinker he has become. We are so proud of him.

Before I allow myself to gush too much and ramble on in the incoherent manner only moms can do, I will just close by saying – Thank you, God, for this boy. This amazing, wonderful, difficult, intelligent, loving boy.


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